In 2003, Ewan Architectural & Engineering Consultancy was established in Abu Dhabi, UAE as GHE’s first branch.

The vision of Ewan is to reintroduce the traditional vernacular of the region infused with today’s modern living requirements and has produced several hi-tech modern and classical buildings, throughout the Middle East and Internationally. Designs have encompassed spectrum of sectors ranging from VIP luxury complexes, Hospitality, Masterplanning, Residential, Commercial, Retail, Healthcare, Education, Religious, Industrial and Interiors. Its focus on this form of “working art” continues to attract the attention from all over the world.

Ewan employs cutting edge technology, proven techniques, quality crafts/products and style and has a fully integrated computer system, operating the most sophisticated and current software.

With its highly trained employees, superior work ethics and attention to design detail, the firm has become an impressive force, not just on the local front, but internationally as well.  Ewan has established partnerships and cooperative ventures with equally noteworthy firms overseas, thus enabling it to better reach and serve its valued clients on any continent. These ventures include regions such as the Far East, USA and the United Kingdom.

Ewan is looking towards the future, confident that it has laid a foundation for continued growth through investment in talent and technology. By meeting and exceeding its clients’ needs, Ewan intends to secure a place for itself amongst the key decision makers and giants of the architectural and engineering world.

EWAN is led in its efforts and capability by Yasser Yacoub as its Managing Director from its humble beginnings to its formidable image today.