Ahmed Bucheery

Principal Architect & Managing Director, GHE

“In short my job, indeed my calling, is to design buildings that belong to people and their settings in order to reinforce place identity.”

Ahmed Bucheery, Founder, Principal Architect & Managing Director of Gulf House Engineering (GHE); is responsible for expanding and reinforcing GHE’s position as a large multi-disciplinary Bahraini consultancy firm, with inter-national standards and a global project footprint, stretching from Australia to the United Kingdom, with the central focus on the GCC region.

His visionary approach to Architecture, Conservation and Urban Planning, with a primary focus on the physical and cultural context of the site, coupled with his breadth of knowledge in technical aspects and construction industry, has resulted in innovative and award winning projects, characterized by a distinctive sense of place and time.

He led and pioneered the interpretation and use of traditional architectural principles of the Gulf region, in both modern and conservation projects. He is also one of the first Bahraini architects who passionately addresses the continuity and balance between tradition and modernity, and advocates this movement through his projects in Bahrain and the Gulf region. He has excelled in the art of engaging modern technologies to compliment traditional craftsmanship and bringing life to inert materials.

His award track record includes the Arab Towns Organization in 2008 & 2013, Prince Sultan Award for Architectural Heritage 2014, Meed Quality Awards for Projects in 2016, and his work has been invited to exhibit for the world renowned Aga Khan Award for Architecture.

He lectures widely on Architecture, acts often as a jury member in architectural competitions, and serves in an advisory capacity for a number of academic institutions.