Nawal A. Karim

General Manager, GHE

“We are a leading design and engineering firm in Bahrain, the region and internationally.”

We are a multinational, metalinguistic, experienced and qualified family of professionals. We pride ourselves on constant and cutting-edge innovation, which leads to developing new services and newer ways to deliver them, helping us to enter new markets.

Our operational excellence is achieved by investing in processes around consistent quality improvement, striving to effective for our clients, and efficient in our business. The reliability of our operations is a result of investing in our hardware and software infrastructure, quality processes and personnel.

Client servicing is the effort in converting relationships into strong mutually beneficial partnerships. Our clients partner us for our services and the added value we bring to them. We are wherever our clients are and do not let geographical restrictions, limit us.

We operate in strict a regulatory environment of ever-changing codes, compliances, specifications, rules, and principles. By embracing an adaptive business approach, our intention is to be the best in our class practice by surpassing industry standards.

In a competitive market, our learning and growth centres on improving our artistic, technical, analytical and management skills in a performance-focused work culture. Our evolution has been realized through synergies from collaboration and teamwork to improve productivity within multiple disciplines.

GHE contributes as a citizen by revitalizing its nation’s rich architectural heritage, supporting social efforts, mentoring young designers and engineers, augmenting knowledge, building and sharing its experience through different forum and platforms.