Yasser Yacoub

Managing Director, EWAN

“Diversity is our strength and pride; displayed by functioning within a multi-disciplinary team serving wide-ranging clients and an assorted portfolio in different countries.”

Building on the vision that Ahmed Bucheery set up, EWAN began to reintroduce the traditional vernacular of the region and infused it with today’s modern living requirements, as an intentional effort, and in some instances a cultural duty. To maintain its status as a well-rounded consultancy in the ever competitive architectural and engineering arena; EWAN has produced several hi-tech modern and classical buildings, throughout the Middle East and internationally. Ewan has a team of more than 120 personnel today and has conceptualized, designed or built over 150 projects.

EWAN’s project portfolio includes schools, shopping malls, hotels, hospitals, residential and commercial towers, master planning, residential villages and luxury palaces which includes the prestigious Presidential Palace in Abu Dhabi.

EWAN has kept up-to-date by employing cutting edge technology, proven techniques, quality crafts/products, and style. We boast the latest in a fully integrated computer system, operating the most sophisticated and advanced software. In order to assure complete accuracy and integrity of its work, every document and/or drawing produced by EWAN must meet with the rigorous control system set in place.

We draw on resources in both GHE & EWAN and work diligently to foster a corporate culture that encourages collaborative teamwork, timely delivery process and challenge ourselves to excel in all projects, to better respond to clients’ aspirations and requirements.

EWAN always seeks excellence in design, by paying careful attention to details, conducting arduous self-assessment, and by investing in its human resources and the work environment.